Friday, April 1, 2011

Theoretical Morass With More Caffine

Some important house keeping:
Amanda Jiron-Murphy is up for a KOI grant. You should come and support her and the exhibition that she is curating in July with Philly's own Janell Olah. (image above) It'll blow your mind if you let it. Details are here.

So, it is April which is the month when I typically read the most poetry. Last year I spent a lot of time reading Robert Lowell. The Dolphin was a particularly favorite volume. Those poems to me sounded like Hammershoi paintings look.Which may not be for everyone.

I am starting to generate some ideas for this Source Festival Artist Blind Dates. The short of it is that I was "blindly" teamed up with Dave Bobb (actor) and Lucy McCauley (choreographer). I am basically in charge of set design and prop making. Oh! and I will be painting on the performers as the narrative unfolds. Not in the really bad body painting, Spring Break Daytona way -no offense if you are one who paints on people- but in a sort of illustrative way. There will be a broken knee somewhere in the performance which I am very much looking forward to. Again, in an illustrative way and not in the Chris Burden way.

The stereoscope drawings are on hold momentarily. I am stuck with how someone would be able to view them. The main hang up is fact that for every way in which the drawing is mediated -LED projection, glasses, cross-eyed, the two drawings without any optical mixing- produces a different visual effect. Which shouldn't be a surprise if you think about it, and is actually the point for the whole endeavor. But how do I wrap this all up into a tidy one shot experience? Maybe I don't and that's that.

I also need to call my parents. You probably should too.

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