Wednesday, March 23, 2011

We Don't Need No Dispatches

Still hacking away at the "enter the dragon" painting as I have been calling it. Typically, I have no images of it to show, but at this stage I think that that is for the best. The clouds in this one are quite a bit more Dutch. Not Hobbema worthy, but a bit fluffier all the same. Generally speaking, this painting is a sort of meta-painting. Then again, aren't they all.

Inspiring things lately have included: the Cloister Apocalypse (above) and the Unicorn Tapesties. Oh, and infographics! Here is an infographic aggregator for your viewing pleasure.

Saw the Blinky Palermo retrospective at the Hirshhorn last week. I really liked the oddly shaped "landscape" paintings. Reminded me a lot of Tuttle. I liked the visual effects of the smaller groupings of hard edged paintings too. They were broadway boogie woogie-ing allover. Generally the show seems to benefit from a curator led contextualization of the work. I am not sure that those geometrical panels would be able to support themselves without the rest of the paintings charting a path for them.

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