Thursday, February 17, 2011

Busy Api

Here's why we aren't talking to eachother:

-Artistic Blind Date for the Source Festival. More on that as it develops.
-Too many grant and project proposals to mention right now.  All due by March 1. Still not even clear on which project to pursue for each. One proposal is for painting, one not. Decisions decisions.
-Started a painting that I am very excited about and may have multiple panels. Haven't entirely decided.
-Ongoing experiments with small scale stereography. Who knew that 3" x 3" drawings could be such problems.  The particulars of transferring then shifting the drawings are a bee-otch. And that is pretty much the whole gig.
-Art + Coffee Talk at the Luce Foundation Center sometime in June 2011. On Sunday the 19th if memory serves.

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