Saturday, January 29, 2011

Damsels in the Stream

The clouds in the "jump roper" painting went haywire yesterday, becoming whiter than white. I wonder if the general snowiness around here has something to do with that? Given the time that I have actually had to work on this painting lately, it is going along very smoothly. If by "smoothly" we mean the old "should I or shouldn't I abandon this one" routine.

In parallax viewing news I had a great experience with two windows in my apartment yesterday. From across the room they look like a stereograph. So, I was standing at my kitchen crossing my eyes and KABOOM! it works. This is relevant because of some scale questions I was having an internal debate about. I can make a wall sized drawing that you will have to stand twenty feet away from to view. Aren't you lucky?

And for no reason at all here is a Sodoma painting that I enjoy from the National Gallery.

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