Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Plannin' an a Paintin'

I have been busily coordinating the Free Space installation at the MLK Library with Flashpoint since I got back from LA. The show opened after an intense amount of facilities and communications wrangling, and we had a reception despite being bumped by Eleanor Holmes Norton. Actually, not bumped by her, but by a scheduling mishap. The installation itself transcends any petty frustration I may have experienced. It looks great. I expect you to see it, and I expect you to forward complements to Mike and Billy unless you have already done so.

Even better you should participate in the installation here (don't forget), and we are having a panel discussion with the artists next Tuesday the 16th.

Now back to painting. I have two uninterrupted studio days! (starting tomorrow) Then Honfleur's Foto Week stuff. But for that I merely paint during the day then stand around and soak up drinks.

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