Friday, October 22, 2010

Cross Eyed Learning

Drawing exile turned into a drawing/research/canvas stretching exile. In fact I had a breakthrough where I was able to "cross view" a stereograph sans stereoscope. Initially I got a weeks worth of headaches trying to get my brain to adjust to this way of viewing and concentrating on a specific thing within the total and scrambled field of vision. This is important because I can test some drawing experiments that I am just starting to make. That's right kids! Stereoscopic drawings from imagination, and not from observation which complicated things a bit. But I like the idea of having a drawing completed in the brain rather than in front of the gaze. I don't know how far it will go, but it will be something to tinker with this winter. When/if they become exhibit-able I won't put you through the cross-eye gaze. I'll spring for some stereoscopes. Plus expecting an audience to look at drawings cross-eyed is dumb. A lot like those awful stereograms where Spiderman would emerge out of this crazy fractal thing.

Also I am considering building my medival hill towns in Google's baby-CAD for use in paintings. It's pretty cool.

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Radical Rachel said...

Oh my...this sounds very interesting. Very interesting indeed.
I love stereoscopes.