Monday, June 21, 2010

Home Stretch

The stencil thing wasn't panning out as expected. Plus there were little daubs of color that would squish under the edge of the stencil leaving little dots allover the place. It did provide a good map for location of subsequent leaf shapes. The moral of the story is that the template alone wasn't enough. Just like life.

Thinking about my varnish, or non varnish options. Still debating that one. Since the paintings won't be dry enough anyway I may just work on fixing the shiny, or dull, spots. Honestly varnish scares me. And I don't really like the high gloss.

Here are the (working) titles for the paintings:
1. Expulsion From The Green Derby (this paintings needs a little bit of help still)
2. Apprehension at Ondaatjee Pass
3. Arson at Nacotchtank Falls
4. Escape From Christmas Island
5. Regarding of the Empty Bottle
6. Massacre at Tocqueville

I am going to be painting blades of grass tomorrow. Should be pretty fun.


christopher said...

try using one part alkyd medium to two parts odorless mineral spirits and a small amount of beeswax or wax medium. Since its alkyd it doesn't matter that the paint isn't quite dry and the wax will cut down on the sheen.
Do a test first though.

I like the work.

Matthew said...

I'll give it a go. Thanks for the recipe.