Friday, May 7, 2010

I haven't been taking pictures so my macpaint version will have to do for now.

The "arrest" painting is quite different as of last night. I put a row of trees in front of an area of the painting that I couldn't live with. (1.)Rather, thus far, I have only indicated a row of trees. The space is still really bad, but I figure the rifle will take care of that. I have painted out the hand of God (2.) and replaced it with another (3.). The "cliffs of Dover" (4) are continuous now because I like the zigzag of that coast line. There is grass underfoot of the figures (5.) and I finished the tree stump (5a) which is pretty much the only feature of this painting that I like. Oh! and the clouds. I did a pretty good job on those.

In other news the Lyotard review is off to the editors.

I am planning an exhibition for DC Conspiracy to be shown at the DC Library in July. There are going to be a couple of zine/comix workshops, and a little comix lounge. Unfortunately I will be working on this while trying to put together the big Cinecitta Show. (by the way I am also on the library's exhibition committee. Here is a link to the "call to artists".)

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