Monday, April 19, 2010

Dear Diary, I am Starting a Gang

I saw the Biennial. Standouts were: Aurel Schmidt's single, crazy drawing. It was imagination run amok. See her art-talking about drawing here. There was another amazing drawing by Dawn Clements. The green in George Condo's painting was pretty great. Josephine Meckseper's Mall of America was smart and communicated on a bunch of different levels; synthetic experience after synthetic experience.

I discovered that my patience for obsessively constructed video with "meaningful", obliquely communicated messages has run out. Mostly.

I liked the obsessive quality of all of the work at the Biennial (that appeals to my most basic instincts as an artist), but the inward focus of much of the work made it seem like starting a book from the middle.

Otherwise, I have managed to pull my painting out of the dumps using glazes. Novel concept, right?

Lastly, I found a book at the public library called Encyclopedia of Western Gunfighters. I have already learned about the "Oklahombres". Their name would indicate that they were the cleverest band of outlaws that ever did outlaw. I already have dibs on that name for my gang (yet to be formed).

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