Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Fantasy Islands in the Stream

I have been having some serious problems with this jailbreak painting, but finally found a way back in to it using an island and open sea. An island, you ask? This is all thanks to the Santa Maria running aground in Haiti (then named Hispagnola) on December 25, 1492, and nothing to do with the above Beirdstadt image. You see friends, a little fort was established there called "La Navidad," which dovetails nicely into my Christmas colored tiles. Specious reasoning to be sure, but led me out of the forest. This island thought also is a nice bridge to what I am thinking about for post-Cinecitta paintings.

My jailbreak problem could also be a momentum issue. I lost a week when the city shut down. Thank you city! I stilll have to walk in heavy traffic to get to the studio. Sidewalks were plowed assunder in "east of the river" Southeast. DC must really love Ward 8...but I digress.