Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Dark Side of the Plow

This image pretty much sums up my mood. I drew an even more apocalyptic sketchbook drawing today. It is picture of a city being attacked by lightning, and on fire. A sure sign that my mood is darkening. Now is especially the time that I wish my studio were still my apartment.

While snowed in I started re-reading Tocqueville's Democracy in America and realized that his traveling companion Gustave de Beaumont wrote a book called Marie, or Slavery in the United States. I am thinking that this is something of an antidote to the reverent tone Tocqueville strikes in the first part of the book for America's "equality of social conditions." I also want to look into Francis Bacon's New Atlantis.

I am also reading Will Durant's The Story of Philosophy, which I have read piecemeal before, but this time I am reading it cover to cover. I am detecting some conservatism on his part. He really dismisses Hegel, and does not even address Wittgenstein. I am on the Schopenhauer chapter right now. I started reading it to get a better grasp of fundamental philosophical notions and terms such as God, Ethics, Will, and Reason. I was getting severely tripped up with Alain Badiou's Ethics, so I thought I should visit the basics. Badiou's Ethics was written for high school students I should add.

Other than that I am trying to catch up on the Harry Potter franchise.