Tuesday, January 19, 2010

There Isn't a Word For My Disorder

Looking at the clock here, it appears that I am just shy of half way through the "jailbreak" painting. I have another four weeks to complete it, otherwise I am behind schedule. That means I am going to have to limit my recently developed obsession with Thomas Bewick. His "Itinerants and Beggars..." from  1800 Woodcuts are jewels, nay, pearls! of inspiration. As are his marine subjects. I also have to stop obsessing, about  shipwrecks. Not only Bewick's, but Turner, Vernet (above), and especially this doozy by Backhuysen. Only the Backhuysen painting makes me a little squeamish.

You see friends, I have always had this irrational fear of sunken objects. It's not just that they are sunken, but that they are sunken in the openess/depth of the sea. Weird, huh? That is probably why I am thinking about these marine paintings. Oh, and Melville. I might like to sink a ship of my own someday too. In a painting, of course.