Friday, September 4, 2009

Arson vs. Battle: A Confessional

The "arson" painting is pretty self-secure, so I have been focusing on the "battle" painting because there are so many questions with it. The "reacting to the painted fish" strategy is really paying off, but given that the clock is still ticking. By mid-September I have to have it completed, or mostly completed to maintain my schedule. "My schedule" is to have this all wrapped up by June of 2010, so I can move on to some other non-Cinecitta Chapel related paintings. Plus I need those months to actually put the exhibition together.

I had a slight epiphany with regards to the narrative texts that will eventually accompany these paintings. Well, just a motivation adjustment really. I am thinking that in order to have the texts not be cynical/misanthropic that I should just use them as a lark, like a fun thing, rather than some bearer of great conceptual import - using the wall texts as another layer of engagement rather than direct commentary about engagement.

Finally in confessional news... my dayjob. It is somewhat art related, but it is not my paintings related, ergo it is an insufferable time sucker. As you can see by this graph. (sigh)

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