Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Great Equalizer

I am going to, like your swimwear, level with you here...

I have been painting a lot, so forgive me for not writing more often. The paintings have been going that well lately. Even when I screw up an area I am still happy that I painted it. Yesterday for instance I messed up the footbridge in the "battle" painting; color-wise, not structurally. Well, maybe structurally too, but I am looking forward to correcting it.

The change in method has been really good. I am - as I have said over and over again- been working on two paintings at the same time. It is so much better to be surrounded by the paintings and always having a new angle to consider. If I don't want to paint "for real" on any given day, I always have some underpainting to do. If I am stuck as to what to do with a landscape (I am stuck by the way), I can paint some craggy rocks and firearms!

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