Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Again I am Caught Without a Camera/Disclaimer

I am sure that you've noticed this blog becoming more "conceptual" than usual with the images and texts simply hovering together, but rest assured that I am trying to work something out. And this, gentle reader, is the venue for that. Consider yourself to have officially slipped down the rabbit hole into the non-linear cogs and coils of my brains.

The purpose of all of this narrative fancy is because of this Flashpoint gig. The project I set out for myself is to figure out how to combine the total context of viewing paintings (the cowboy paintings) in a gallery. This often involves a setup/primer that operates as one views paintings. I am going to generate this for the show. Explanations, but slightly skewed ones. Perhaps we should think of it as my "illuminating for you these paintings". In total this means either clever wall texts, or a guide-by-cell. Either scenario could be really fun, but these operators outside of the work -but related to the work- are key. The little text experiments are my attempts at collecting statements that I find interesting and potentially useful.

Glad we could clear that up. Now back to the show.

image via: google

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