Monday, April 6, 2009

Penn State Reception QUIZ!

Here I am either: a) describing Jay Reatard's guitar, b) trying to silence the class, c) at the beginning of an intense swear-word, or d) describing the space of Uccello vs. Foucault
In this photo you will find: a) students not buying it, b) me reciting mystical incantations, c) a "faux hawk", or d) a tree

In this photo am I: a) trying to save a peacock from falling, b) holding the stretchers together because I am such an expert carpenter, c) getting ready to reveal how I lined the back of the canvas with $100 bills, or d) utterly confused?

p.s. unfortunately there weren't any pictures taken when I was trying to personify the collapsing of space in a painting. I summoned my inner Stanley Lewis for that one.

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