Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Barthes McCarthy

Additional reading related to this project is Blood Meridian. A friend of mine, upon learning about this project said, "Oh! Like Blood Meridian!", which I thought was amazingly acute. He then said, "That is a twisted book."

You might also want to add the Barthes essay The World As Object to your Cinecitta Chapel Reading List. The writing has this "ricochet" quality, not unlike Foucault's essay Las Meninas. I think that this has symbolic resonance in both cases. Both essays are about the gaze, depicted and implied, bouncing around a painting. Since my paintings tend to have these ricocheting, geometric facets I thought these essays might be pertinent in a holistic way.

There is another interesting Foucault/Barthes moment when in the opening chapters of Camera Lucida Barthes mentions that "a pipe, here, is always and intractably a pipe," while referring to the infinitude of an object/presence/moment in a photograph. Clever, no?

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