Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Happiness In Trying Times x 3

Reading in the Kogod Atrium. Man, you can't even imagine the serenity in there. That is, until some tourist splashes right through one of the fountains along the floor. All the while pulling some "Oops! Look at me" face. Otherwise it's quite peaceful.

For desert there is a David Bates painting upstairs. I recommend you see it in person and not rely on this little jpeg. It is after all 84" tall. It would also be helpful if you could hear him talking about his painting at the same time. I kind of aspire to his direct honesty. As in...he paints these characters from memory because they would make fun of him if they knew he was an artist. They know him as a fisherman. As the story goes. There is also a joke on his name down the left hand side of the painting/image. Clever I know.

I read a good joke over at McSweeny's:

By Brian Beatty
- - - -
Kung Who.

I'm into the abstract martial arts. You just sit around thinking about everyone you'd like to beat up."

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