Friday, March 27, 2009

Decoration Isn't a Dirty Word

Add this to the reading list. It is Eric Broug's Islamic Geometric Patterns. The book is more like a technical manual, and not really ethnographic/anthropological in the way that, say, Owen Jones is.

In earlier paintings I was working with these geometries, working out compositions using tangents found in carpet designs. This body of work won' t differ in that respect. In addition to being conceptually relevant in a way (I won't prattle on don't worry) the "Islamic" patterns are simply terrific design elements/compositional matrices. There is a lot of similarity between Uccello, Piero, et al. and these patterns once you crack them open. There is even a similarity in how Borromini overlapped shapes, creating these unusually moving volumes... All that stuff is tangled up in these patterns too.

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