Monday, March 16, 2009

A Boy Can Dream Can't He?

It just so happens that Utrecht and Dick Blick both had a sale and quantity breaks because I ordered an ungodly amount of stuff. What this means is that I saved a bunch of money on my Cinecitta Chapel material order. With these savings I could get a utility cart that I have been dreaming about for the last few months. It would make my space so much more user friendly.

Penn State stuff is where it should be. I threw in couple of extra paintings for good measure, but I am still a bit concerned that I won't adequately fill the space.

Until I make up my mind about a cart/my stuff materials get here **some vital pieces were backordered, i.e. T-plates and 2 of 6 78" cross braces** I am in a holding pattern. I am aching to get these paintings started, but I guess I have a week to go to the museum, drink some stout and make some bangers and mash. Or maybe I could read a book! I am mostly finished with about three, the titles of which are too embarrassing to mention. So I won't.

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