Monday, February 2, 2009

Stuff With Paint

A nice morning in the studio, thanks. I have set a good challenge out for myself and have no idea how I am going to resolve it. I'm okay with that.

Though it was a picture perfect morning in the studio, it was not as nice as the studio pictured above. His is full of San Francisco light and I would pretty much love to be there instead. Even despite my great love of snow and falling snow.

The studio belongs to Darren Waterston who I first learned about waaaaayyy back in the 90's at a museum show called Out of Eden at the Kemper in Kansas City, Missouri. Honestly I liked his work a lot better then. His new work has its moments though, don't get me wrong.

One of his gallery mates, Dennis Hollingsworth, intrigues me as well. Just the paint. Not really anything other than that. Which I would guess is the point. And a valid one. Paint is important.

Quiz Time: I once saw these paint sculptures in an abstraction show called Abstract Painting Once Removed. If someone can jog my memory as to who that was wins a hearty handshake.

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