Thursday, January 29, 2009

Fred Wilson: What Can I Tell You That You Don't Already Know?

(Follow this link if you want a profile of the artist and briefing about his work)

I , and by "I" I mean "WE", were treated to a lecture given by the illustrious Fred Wilson at the illustrious Center behind the Phillips. I hadn't attended a lecture at the "Center"until last night and thought the space was very comfortable, very Scandinavian in a way. That is, warm and spartan.

Thus, Fred Wilson's lecture was very comfortable with a lot of humor worked in. Which, I think, is the way you have to go when dealing with such unbelievably meaningful, prescient, humorous, heart-breaking work. Otherwise the audience will just want to dive headlong into the Potomac, which is how my talks/lectures -the few that I've given- usually go.

He left us with a not so subtle teaser about where is next "institutional" project might be! There are so many "to the victor go the spoils" institutions here that it is a little difficult to pin down where precisely.

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