Monday, December 15, 2008

When Bloggers Untie!

I drug my friend Radical Rachel around Chelsea, through the blustery cold to see, and I promise this is that last time for at least two years that I mention him again, Terry Winters at Matthew Marks. (He is one of my favorite living, breathing painters, so what are you going to do?)

At first I was conflicted about the paintings because my favorites have always been his interwoven graph paintings from the 90's-00's. The paintings currently on view are, in some cases, a little bit of a return to the pod forms of the 80's. They are knot/pattern drawings as far as I can tell, but naming the parts isn't what we are supposed to be doing here. I did think that the more knot/pod paintings got a little muddled, and the more graphic paintings held together like a Faulkner story. That is, beautiful with an unbreakable logic. (the painting pictured above is of the sort of which I speak)

One aspect of the paintings that really got me excited was this DeKooning like push/pull; back and forth of layers of paint. Anyone whose put their nose to a DeKooning knows what I mean...that it's hard to determine which layer comes first, so you end up chasing these marks around the painting, losing sight of it here, picking it up again over there...Which is a virtue of the fact that he isn't making a show of the ropes of paint that he had previously been using to make the more "graph" like work.

I am still thinking about it. Stilled thrilled by it. You can get me, or yourself, a catalogue if you want. They are only $45. You have to send them an email though. I know. Very difficult. Oh! And the 'gallerina' even said "Hi." to us. What a day.

We also went over to 303 Gallery, but Rachel can take it from here...

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