Thursday, December 11, 2008

Notes or Les Notes

I have nearly finished work on the cowboy painting that you may have seen recently. It is in a much better state now. However, I have yet again been walking around without my camera, which happens from time to time, and which will happen again tonight as I finally finish the painting. I will post an image ASAP.

Just in time too. Next week I am moving studios! A little bigger. Only marginal increase in rent. I think I can afford it in these trying economic times. (I am not mocking, just saying.) AND the new studio is just down the hall from my old one, so I can visit.

In the meantime I will be reading and looking. I just started Paul Virilio's Art As Far As The Eye Can See. I am in the mood for something polarizing and manifesto-like. You know, something French. A good Christmas time read.


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