Monday, December 29, 2008

Like MacArthur In The Phillipines

Here is the first couple of hours spent back at the studio. The drawing needs some more attention obviously, but I am hopeful. One of my goals for the coming year, is to do more developed drawings. It is good for the Cowboy soul as well as the Perceptual one. 

I also tried to take a better image of the "Braining" painting without setting up lights, just using natural light from the skylight in the studio. The one I posted was too dark in my opinion, but the light in the image I took is uneven and no amount of filtering is going to correct that. 
(Note: Stop Being LAZY!)

But this is all inside baseball. I know that you want to read about my wacky adventures inside a small, paintsplattered room. And I am hoping to give you, gentle reader, what you expect in this fast approaching Aught Nine. 


susan said...

I just wanted to express my appreciation--I love your blog--it's really the only one I go to (nearly daily)--it's a highlight--and I think all of the new work looks great too. I am a fan.

Matthew Mann - Pittore said...

Thanks Susan!
You're makin' me blush.