Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Waxing Musical...Part 2.

So, at first I was miffed that the Euclid Quartet took Thomas Ades off of Sunday nights program, which politely featured Beethoven and Grieg. Perhaps this was a typo to begin with, but I distinctly remember seeing Ades on the program when I checked the site in October.

The program was excellent anyway. Beethoven's String Quartet in D Major, op. 18, no. 3 warmed us up for the heavy metal "chug" and fiddle breakdowns of Matthew Hindson's Industrial Night Music. It's kind of from that Ligeti school of contemporary music, but slightly less discordant and waaay faster. Industrial Night Music didn't have the kind of emotional sweep of either Ligeti, nor Ades, but in case you missed it the piece was called INDUSTRIAL Night Music. That is not to say that the performance wasn't interesting, thought provoking or enjoyable. Then Grieg's String Quartet no. 1 in G Minor, op. 27 drew a natural resolution between all of the performed works.

Fun Fact: "Euclid" isn't for the geometer. It is for the avenue in Cleveland from where the quartet hails.

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