Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Not To Alarm You, But...

...sitting behind me, on a dusty old shelf is the Claude Lorrain: Selected Drawings catalogue published by Penn State in 1968. It is getting increasingly rarer and more expensive.

I had the opportunity to buy this fine item way back in aught 3 or 4 at Second Story Books. At the time the decision was either groceries or Lorrain, so I passed. I would have hated to eat that book once I acquired it. Now the catalog and I are colleagues in my new capasity as para-Professional Art Librarian.

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Radical Rachel said...

Ah ha! You made it to the Art Division! Congratulations on your new job!! I would've been cooler if we could have worked together. I know they are thrilled to have you there! Those rare books need to have prices added to them in the catalog record, so some nitwit doesn't come in and throw them away. Some are quite valuable. I wanted to do it while I was there, but just didn't have the time. If you want more info about the job, let me know!! Wish I was there to help. It would have been awesome to work with you!!