Friday, October 10, 2008

Peyton's Place

The Kalm Report visited the press preview of the Elizabeth Peyton show. NYT also has a blip.

In the Kalm Report you will hear a critic echo my thoughts at about EP's work around the 8:00 mark. "James" seems pretty into it. Though in the comments he does mention how the "conceptual" tag is thrown around pretty liberally in order to validate work. I agree, especially in this case, that the "conceptual" here is driven by insecurity.

I also like how Laura Hoptman said that her work is a "life-long project". Because nobody can simply paint one thing after another and have it be alright in the artworld/market. It's true! I'm not being cynical. You have to couch your paintings as "projects". C'mon! It's the 21st Century.

I do think that the "Ben Drawing" painting is pretty interesting. There is this play with realized form, know Modernist painter stuff. She is almost to Conceptualism.

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