Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Banquet at Ipenema (not its real title)

The Honfleur Reception was a lot of fun. Lots of nice people came out and said nice things about beheaded cowboys. Some friends I hadn't seen in quite a while visited too. I appreciated everybody's support. You can read Rachel's glowing review here.

Apparently the Gallery Director at Honfleur had a nightmare about headless cowboys after spending the previous evening lighting the show. That is an unexpected consequence of these paintings. They seep into your brain like dreams, or the melody from "Girl From Ipenema". Beware!

In other news...above is a study for the banquet painting that I had mentioned last week. There is going to be an arch, or half an arch on the right side. I need to bind in that sky somehow. It will help the hand of God illusion too. This is all still about two weeks away still. I need to finish the volcano and still-life pictured below.

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