Thursday, June 26, 2008

No News Is Still Not News

Heidi Leitzke is part of Gross McCleaf's Inquiry 5 show this summer. Reception is on July 12th. I will be vacationing nearby, so I will be in attendance.

Something I forgot to mention, or forgot if I already mentioned, is my friend's side project Physle. He is designing games in Beta, or something like that. We have talked about it a few times over toxic Belgian Beers, so the details are fuzzy.

The coolest part is that he has to program physical properties into the game environment. I think that is pretty profound. This is something that has always existed in games -some kind of physics, often exaggerated I suppose- but not something I had thought about.

This speaks in a way to my theory about reality, viewing, and creation. If the reality represented is too close to the reality we experience everyday, then it makes less impact (which is sometimes necessary to direct focus, like physics in a game) than if the "reality" is ratcheted up (Rodin, Catherine Murphy) or down (Rodin, Matisse, Martha Armstrong) There is also an area where the balancing of realistic properties, such as space and pattern, is most important (DeKooning, Matisse). Makes sense, right?

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