Friday, June 20, 2008

Friday Freakout

My girlfriend would freak out at this item about artists living and scrounging in NYC. "This isn't how you expect us to live, is it?!", she would ask. To which I would respond, "Hey! I only commute 20 minutes to the studio from our apartment."
Fortunately we live in a slightly more affordable city. Smaller city too.

In related news there is a BOMB interview with Peter Saul, who discusses the same thing; living in a one bedroom and commuting to the studio, sorting his own slides, stretching his own canvases. Except Mr. Saul is in his 70's I think. I am not making any great claims for his work, by the way, though I do enjoy a good joke.

Jed Perl discusses some people that, if you are familiar with Mr. Perl, you know he will hate and who's motivations he will lambaste.

And finally, I got a nice handwritten letter from the Bowery Gallery about why I couldn't be considered for their summertime show. There was a size restriction that I, and apparently a lot of other people, missed. Unusual gesture I thought, but kind.

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