Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Facing the Woid

I have a thing for unhinged, contrarian viewpoints. I don't know why. Perhaps because I am, at times, flying off the handle about one thing or another. So here I offer Paul Werner who publishes Woid: A Journal of Visual Language.

I met him at the National Gallery bookstore a few years ago just after reading his book Museum Inc. which is more or less about how Thomas Krens ruined the Guggenheim with questionable ethical decisions and how the Met's Phillip D' M, and my very own "Rusty" Powell at the National Gallery in DC, are not unlike the unscrupulous Mr. Krens. Long story short... he's a curmudgeon and a nice guy. But waaaaayyyyyyy off with Poussin. He dislikes a great many other things: Culture Grrl, The New Criterion, Michael Kimmelman...Read Up!

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