Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Riding Crop

A real painting out-earned (?) a giant, hanging stainless steal heart at auction! Even though it's a very Freud looking painting... and the way he composes drives me crazy. Look! Look at the couch! It just slams into the right edge! Okay, maybe "glops" is the right word. What's going on here. Did Watteau ever slam couches into the right side of a picture? I thought not. Maybe the Beeb is responsible for the crazycrop.

My animosity toward Jeff Koons has dwindled these recent years. I think it's funny he's got Gagosian shelling out millions to keep his uber-kitch alive. Very Warhol-ian. But it's not rebellion anymore is it? The satire is flat. The taste industry can't live without it.

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