Tuesday, April 8, 2008

What Does Tuesday Feel Like?

Quite a bit like this.

My lecture trip to York College in PA was a success. I talked to them about synthesizing ideas from other paintings. For the sake of this lecture I mainly talked about Old Masters, which is a clear and obvious point of influence. I also touched on the importance of voraciously looking at sculpture, architecture, and design of all sorts to get ideas.

The students asked good questions at the end of my hour long schpeal. I performed twice. I could see that they were waining at the end, so the timing was perfect. I got to see some old friends living in Lancaster, PA too. Which is always nice.

In other Pennsylvania (William Penn's Sylvan-land) it looks as if I will have a solo show at Penn State next year. It's a ways off I know, so stay tuned. There is also an octagonal gallery on the York Campus that would suit a six panel cycle of some cowboy paintings too. I shouldn't get too far ahead of myself.

And Rock Chalk, Jay-hawk!

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