Friday, April 25, 2008


Here is proof that I have actually been working on a painting. The working title is... Cincecitta:The Blood Necklace or Murder at Dorothy Gulch. Though I don't think this scene technically qualifies as a "gulch".

Also here are some strange and lovely painted sculpture portraits by Asa Ames. This person I had never heard of before today. My appreciation of these images may also give us a glimpse into why so many "crazy people" talk to me on the street. Because I am a) unimposing and b) apt to like their duct-taped matchbook and cigarette foil collages. I don't know how they know it. They just do.

I used to have this great piece by a guy that used to come into a store that I worked at. He would go to the nearby Tower Records and steal record sized promotional posters, mount them on scraps of illustration board, then wrap them in about 1.5" of packing tape and scrawl odd messages on them. The one I had was a Cesaria Evora poster with "Big Foot Lady I Love You!" written on the back. It had a duct tape frame and everything! I have since learned that it is not uncommon for schizophrenics to steal something and wrap it. Usually the things are wrapped in something opaque. But this guy changed the game and made it transparent! Quite a statement! However the piece met its end during the "Great Lady-Friend Ultimatum" of '06.

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