Tuesday, April 22, 2008

For Earrrrthh Day...

...I am NOT going to wash my turpentine laden cadmiums down at the river!

You're welcome.

I am using acrylic at the moment anyway. I decided to do an underpainting, situating tonal structure and big color decisions. I'll take care of the rest in oil. Oil paint stays wet and I can do fun painting tricks like glazes! I haven't used a glaze in about seven years.

Acrylic really drives me bananas because of the drying. And the paint pills up especially when you don't want it too. I am sure that if I were more patient or invested I would take time to negotiate the array of mediums available to make acrylic paint act like oil paint, but that's like being Vegan and trying to figure out how to ethically eat a hotdog.

I've kind of got this "Old Master"-y landscape thing happening in this current Cincecitta painting. I have to say that I am pretty pleased that I made the whole thing up. I even called up a Courbet cliff side from memory! I didn't think I could imagine in such detail. That's one gripe I now have about my still-life "self". The imagining is somewhat confined.

As I scratch away on this painting I keep thinking about this Kitaj painting that I saw on a book jacket. It was an unapologetic Piero landscape. I searched valiantly for an image to post, but you will have to settle for some pictures of the man and his studio instead. **You will also see the My Father painting in image 2, which Marlborough has used to promote the posthumous show.**

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