Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I haven't checked in on MAN in a while, but he has been covering -in installments- the splendid Amy Sillman/Sikkema Jenkins "travelling new works show" at the Hirshhorn. A good point is raised during these proceedings (I haven't read through completely yet) about how strange it is that the museum is kind of doing the work of the gallery. It did seem like a commercial show. Anyway that is all politics and I would rather focus on good works by good artists living and un-living for the moment. Not administrators and their relationships, relevant though it may be.

By the way the current newsstand issue of Artforum deals with the effects of the overblown, overmonied, artfair ridden market. Which seems like biting the hand that feeds you, but whatever...It gives Artforum street cred, right? Thomas Crow talks about an artbarge, sorry I mean "Yacht", that is built to host artfairs to Long Island's more Gatzby-esque community, shall we say. But you have to buy the print edition to get that article. Hey! It's only business.

Not that money ruins "Art", or anything. I always find I am much more productive when flush with the lettuce.

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