Thursday, March 20, 2008

Almost There

The final architecture is taking shape here. Putting the table pattern really changes the spaces and such. I debated for some time about leaving it out completely, but I didn't like the way those color patches were just hovering out there.

This painting is -at this very moment- a bit further along. I am a little behind in posting images. (The current state is still trapped in my camera.) Then I will see about editing together a tiny video of it's birth. This will be the last time I do this sort of thing because having you looking over my shoulder this whole time has been a little nerve racking. No disrespect of course.


watie said...


Its nice to check in on the wrk from time to time. Congrats on the Bethesda prize--that's always very cool.

The work looks great.

I saw Susan Walp on your links--do you know her. She's incredibly sweet. And a rock-solid painter.

Matthew said...

Susan and I are pen-pals. She's been terrifically generous and supportive.

sjw said...

Is this you, Watie White? How funny meeting you here on Matt's blog...Matt, your blog is the first I've read on a regular basis and it's become a near addiction. Very interesting things--I even looked up Nancarrow, whose work I didn't know. Congratulations on the prize and the new completed painting, which looks great. WHile I have your ear, thank you for including the link for my work--would it be too difficult to change it to the Tibor site (where the repros are better)?

Matthew said...

T d'N's site had a hickup when I made the links list. It is fixed now.