Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Having a good New Year? Glad to hear it.

This is an image of a painting I finished in early December. When I turned 30 and one month old. I started to break apart this Islamic carpet design into a kind of system that was really interesting. With the design on both the upper right and left I kept thinking of Borromini. There are some drawings in his hand (reproduced in Anthony Blunt's bio of the man I believe) of some ornamentation from S. Ivo. They are like a run of complicated geometry. A series of shapes and curves related proportionally running diagonally across the page. I can't adequately describe the logic of them, it is truly amazing. I had to resist the urge to dismantle that reproduction to the right in the above painting in this manner. The painting wouldn't have supported that decision. I could only handle a more rudimentary dismantling in the reproduction on the left, and have it still be somewhat intelligable.

Immediately following this painting I started painting a cowboy painting that my friend INSISTS that I call Cine Citta. I thought his idea was pretty brilliant, but truthfully it is something I would like to keep doing between still-life paintings, to occupy me during size and ground drying times. I just wanted to shake off some painting orthodoxy. Mainly my own personal orthodoxy. In reality I didn't break out of any of my Piero, Uccello, di Paolo references, hence the perfection of the Cine Citta title. The subject matter is pretty entertaining. Cowboys doing cowboy things. Fires, booze, shooting, the Hand of God. I will post an image as soon as it is in a better state of finish. Yeee Haw!

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Matthew said...

Something that I forgot to mention was that I was working out this idea of different visual textures -flat, geometric, decorative, mimetic- creating areas of interest contained in the whole.